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General advice


Optimisation and organisation

  1. Regardless of size and type, contact wheels must be properly stored so that they are not damaged when not in use. Wheels should be stored horizontally on ventilated, non-humid shelves. Any other type of storage could ruin the outer covering, resulting in a loss of sphericity and balance that could damage the article.
  2. Products with Vulkollan® foam and polyurethane coatings should be stored in UV-rays protected areas to avoid colour changes over time.

Regulation for use

Precautionary standards during the use

Contact grinding wheels must be used for working operations for which they have been designated and manufactured only.
  1. Grinding machines mounting contact wheels must be equipped with appropriate coverings, able to stand accidental breaks and able to protect the wheels in their entirety when not in use.
  2. It is important that each operator ensures the good condition of the wheel before its fixing on the machine shaft. In case of disassembly of a contact wheel that is not completely worn and a consequent reassembly, it is essential that the operator ensures that the product has not been damaged during handling.
  3. Never use a higher rotation speed than indicated on the products.
  4. Never use centrifugal expanding wheels, centrifugal expanding holders with shank or pneumatic wheels without the abrasive ring.
  5. In order to avoid possible coating cracks, we recommend never exceeding the following temperatures during working operations:
    – Rubber 70°/80°C
    – Vulkollan® 40°/50°C for dry operations only
    – Silicone 200°C

We suggest to use contact wheels within one year from the delivery date.