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Our company

An ongoing journey from 1964 to the present


With the arrival of the first grinding machines in Italy, mostly from the foreign market, there was a need for the availability of rubber contact wheels and rollers.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of Serina’s family, RUCOS® was established in 1964 in Italy. They began by studying and then manufacturing the first contact drums which entered the market through the grinding machine producers. The next step of the company was to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers.

Our history

The reliability of a motivated team, combined with the know-how acquired since 1964, along with our passion and continuous thriving to improvement, allowed to study and create tailored products based on customer applications and expectations, while respecting the resources involved.

Determination and attention to quality have enabled RUCOS® to follow the path of constant improvement, thus confirming our capacity for innovation. Our customers have always been supported by competence, flexibility, and reliability, achieving global visibility as a result.

Products line

Turn on the power of your engine

1967 – 1968

Quality & safety
RUCOS started its main business with the machining of metal supports, using external suppliers to vulcanise rubber coatings.


RUCOS signature
Increased demand led to an increase in production capacity. From machining to final grinding, contact wheel production has become entirely internal. The main line of rubber wheels began to run alongside other materials such as Vulkollan®, polyurethanes, silicones, and sponges, allowing RUCOS to provide a diverse range of solutions and applications.


New headquarter
Thanks to high demand from both domestic and international markets, the company was compelled to restructure production by investing in a new facility. By addressing the desires of its customers, the brand began to leave its mark all over the world, from the United States to Australia and New Zealand, Brazil to Russia, China, and Mexico.

2000 – 2008

Technology & Innovation
The evolution and progress of the grinding market is pushing the company towards new technology investments, giving higher value to all products.


New challenges!
RUCOS expands into new markets that are not strictly related to grinding but allow know-how to be exploited. The portfolio now includes industries such as Packaging & Labelling, Textile, and Publishing.


50 years of experience
Strong passion brought RUCOS to new experiences with plant manufacturers, abrasive belts distributors and processors of the best brands on the market.


Registration of trademark
RUCOS® registered its trademark in Italy and overseas because it wanted to share the company’s worth and feelings with those who helped it grow. The theory is that the brand represents a significant part of a product’s value by expressing all of its features (history, reputation, packaging, and name).


An ongoing journey
RUCOS® combines the handcrafting legacy with the expertise of a motivated team. The company’s commitment is concentrated on seeking highly performing materials and technological innovation. Higher-quality items are the result of updating and improving, which enables constant development in the market.

Our philosophy

RUCOS® is heavily focused on growing into new international markets while maintaining high quality standards through the manufacturing process.
To ensure excellence, the raw materials used in the production process are carefully selected, with a focus on environmental sustainability and health.
The selection of certified toxic-free materials goes with the quality of our products, making it an essential aspect of our approach to business.